Saturday, February 19, 2022

Journey of the Heart

 Last week I stopped in to Four Sisters Holistic Remedies in Renton for the first time.  I have passed by the shop many times but hesitated to go in....not being sure of myself regarding holistic, remedies, and what to expect. Shops like that sometimes intimidate me. It turns out I need to grow up!

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many items that are so aligned with my passions and interests.  Crystals, rocks,  beads....all sizes and so many colors. Beautiful candles too....I know some of the tall, noble-looking ones were created by a colleague of mine, Step. They have their own supply of jewelry items so I decided against trying to sell them more. 

Finally, I picked up 2 heart-shaped agates.  They are so smooth,  with beautiful lines.  This morning, I wrapped them in wire.  There were a few hiccups and frustrations but that's where the learning happens.I was challenged with wrapping this shape, and also wanted to let the natural colors show and be part of the pieces.  The colors seemed to call for gold wire, and so that they could be easily seen. I put them onto choker-style necklaces.  

I will be going back for more items to inspire. Let me know what you think; suggestions are welcome! I'll be taking these to my pop-ups, not listing on Etsy. 

I call them Journey of the Heart.


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