Saturday, January 29, 2022

Exploring Spirals

I saw a pair of earrings online made with multicolored wire..WHAT???!! Never heard of it. I of course then searched and found some (on Etsy) and began working with it.

Exploring spirals. So fun and therapeutic!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Bought clothes. Had to make jewelry to match.

Saturday was SUNNY after a week of all-day FOG.  I visited Esme and Elodie, new women's boutique in Renton. My friend Karen told me it was dangerous...she was right. 
Great shop, reasonably-priced clothing that is comfortable and easy to wear. 
I asked about the possibility of having some of my jewelry stocked. We discussed the the possibility of a pop-up. Fingers are crossed that something will work out! In the meantime, here are my pairings for two tops: 
Making these made me realize that I had not combined blues, greens, and pinks together in one piece before  The sleeves on the top led me to that.  And I wanted something sophisticated, uncomplicated and light to go with the stripes. 

I will be making more of the earrings and necklaces to take to the Renton Night Market and other pop-ups.  As always,  affordable prices. Message me here if you'd like to order for yourself!

Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Welcome! This is the blog for Be a Light Jewelry, where I am sharing new items, jewelry adventures, and enthusiasm.  You can find my online shop at: and also at Four Corners Merchants, Tahoma Living, and The Rose Gift House and Coffee. 

As soon as I got this mountain pendant charm, I loved it. It reminds me of my Dad, who was an avid mountain climber.  He took me to the top of Mt. Hood when I was 11.  I remember complaining the whole way, and he climbed behind me and calmly repeated,  One foot in front of the other. Keep Going.  

This necklace is available at Etsy, and I'll. also be bringing it to markets for as long as they last.