Sunday, February 27, 2022

A week of learning....

 There are so many layers to managing and promoting a one-woman small business. I am trying to do as much as possible with as little spending as possible. This week I worked on trying to learn more about building my presence on Instagram, and in the process I discovered, where you can easily combine all your sites on one easy page.  Very handy! Here's what I made, to use on Instagram, etc:

I also went in mad circles trying to find and use a FREE "follow this blog" app for this blog site; I was so happy to find Follow It.   You too can get posts by email: please submit your email on the right side of this page. Hopefully the posts will inspire more than clutter your life. 

After that, I wanted to allow folks to sign up for my newsletter (which is still just a concept...first one will come out later this spring, but I hope to gather some wonderful folks to send it to).  After signing up on two different sites and then discovering that they are only free on a very limited basis, I remembered a tool that I use so often it almost has become invisible in my life: Google.  I created my own Follow Be a Light News form and added it to this blog.  I plan to create my newsletters with a Google template as well...I hope you sign up so you can see the results!

When I send an order, I try to make it special. This year, I received a wonderful daily calendar as a gift from my friend Stephanie, "Today is going to be a great day."  I love it because it isn't too syrupy (I have a low tolerance for syrup) and it has wonderful drawings, all done by women artists.  This year, I am selecting and putting one past day in each order I send out. I love the serendipity of deciding which one might best inspire the wonderful people who buy my items, whether I know them personally or not.  It's a lot more fun than throwing them away...akin to upcycling. Here is one of my favorites, by Theresa Berens.

Thanks for reading these  bits and pieces of my "building" journey.  Please feel free to leave your comments and ideas below.

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