Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Bought clothes. Had to make jewelry to match.

Saturday was SUNNY after a week of all-day FOG.  I visited Esme and Elodie, new women's boutique in Renton. My friend Karen told me it was dangerous...she was right. 
Great shop, reasonably-priced clothing that is comfortable and easy to wear. 
I asked about the possibility of having some of my jewelry stocked. We discussed the the possibility of a pop-up. Fingers are crossed that something will work out! In the meantime, here are my pairings for two tops: 
Making these made me realize that I had not combined blues, greens, and pinks together in one piece before  The sleeves on the top led me to that.  And I wanted something sophisticated, uncomplicated and light to go with the stripes. 

I will be making more of the earrings and necklaces to take to the Renton Night Market and other pop-ups.  As always,  affordable prices. Message me here if you'd like to order for yourself!

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